Beckwith Street

Beckwith Street
Beckwith Street (Craig Carlyle Clarke)

Two blocks long; east from Madison Street to intersection with Adams Street.


Condition: The western block has two asphalt patches and is in good condition, the eastern block has eight asphalt patches and is in fair condition.

Brick for its entire length except where interrupted by the intersection with Monroe Street.

Where Beckwith's brick ends and meets the asphalt at Monroe Street, it is bordered with Medina sandstone which crosses the entire street.

The western block has two features that are quite possibly the last remaining examples in Buffalo.

Two brick driveways come off of the brick road, both with curved Medina sandstone curbs where the street curb turns and runs up the driveway. This may be an example of a once-common feature on brick streets.

Surveyed: December 2004

42°53'35.1"N 78°51'07.4"W

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