Timon Street

Timon Street
Timon Street (Craig Carlyle Clarke)

Two blocks long; north from Best Street to Northampton Street.

Red brick.

Condition: The block running north from Best to Dodge is in good shape, with two large asphalt patches (like holes dug for pipeline access, etc.) and one large sunken hole, bricks still there. Dodge is paved and interrupts the brick at the intersection. The block of Timon Street running north from Dodge to Northampton is in good shape overall with six asphalt patches and four sunken spots.

There are some bricks right behind the curb set into the lawn at the house on the southeast corner of the Timon/Dodge intersection. The bricks look like they quite possibly came from the street, though no missing ones were seen. They match the color and size, general patina and age (wear, etc). They are marked Youngsville Block on the underside.

Timon Street is noted for its dense, mature tree canopy of Sycamores.

Surveyed: November 2004

42°54'20.3"N 78°51'00.9"W 42.905624, -78.850236

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