This is, of course, a partial list. We expect it to grow and become closer to a complete list over time. We’re counting on help from anyone who’s paying attention to brick streets in Buffalo and nearby cities. Please email us at info {at} brickstreets(.)org with comments, corrections or nominations. Thanks!

This website is a revival and extension of Version 1.0, a page started by Chris Andrle in the early 2000s. He’s given us permission to use the text and photos from the original page, now archived here.

This is Version 2.0. See our roadmap here.

From the original page:

This website contains an inventory of surviving brick and cobblestone streets in the City of Buffalo, New York. Please e-mail if you know of any others.

This data was collected and contributed by the following members of the Buffalo History mailing list: Chris Andrle, Sandra Carubba, Craig Carlyle Clarke, Gladys Gifford, Varney Greene, Mike Schalk, W. Morgan Smith and Cynthia Van Ness. Thanks also to Craig Carlyle Clarke for the use of his digital photos.