Wheelock Street

Wheelock Street
Wheelock Street (Craig Carlyle Clarke)

One block long; north from Clinton to intersection with Griswold Street.

Red brick.

Condition: Brick in poor condition, 17 patches, many very large.

Has a strange feature - a large patched section in the center of the street several yards long - and on both sides, where the brick meets the asphalt it is bordered by cobblestone. Hard to know if this was some feature of the street before the asphalt was put in, or if some some unknown reason they laid the cobbles when they put in the asphalt patch. Some of the patch does run over the cobbles, so they appear to be earlier.

Mike Schalk, May 2020: "The area of patch in the center was for the Clinton Street Trolley to make a half block turn and back into the end of the line, averting the need for a big loop or complete trip around a city block. I believe the Clinton line was removed in 1940".

Surveyed: November 2004

42°52'25.6"N 78°48'03.3"W

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